The Pleasures of Wine

plastic wine glasses filledIf you have discovered the pleasures of drinking wine, then you can enhance your experience even more with plastic wine glasses with lids when you drink your wine outdoors..

Wine has been a part of the human experience since practically the beginning of time. From the moment man first discovered the relaxing, intoxicating benefits of fermented grapes, it was the beginning of a long-term love affair between humanity and its wine.

Through the years, there have been numerous innovations in the process of producing wine, including the development of all the different varietals, improvements in agriculture, and even the industrialization of the bottling process. But now there finally has been a breakthrough in one of the most basic components of the wine drinking experience itself: The wine glass.

The Evolution of Wine

Wine glasses have remain essentially unchanged for hundreds of years. While the shape of glassware for wines has evolved – with talk, thin flutes for champagnes, rounded, bulbous goblets for reds and the more traditional design for whites – the materials used to create the different designs has remained the same: Glass. Yet glass isn’t always the best material for wines. For one thing, it is very delicate. Even the slightest bump or tumble can cause it to shatter, spilling its contents and ruining your wine drinking experience (not to mention staining your rug or clothing!).

Traditional wine glasses also have one other design flaw: They are exposed to the open air. That means that any type of debris – such as dust, dirt or anything else floating in the air – can easily make its way into your wine glass.

And given the chemical compounds that are in wine, fruit flies, sugar-seeking bees and other insects are naturally attracted to wine. How many times have you nearly accidentally swallowed a bug while enjoying your favorite beverage? It’s actually very common. Not only is it unpleasant, but if you are allergic to the sting of bees, it could potentially cause you to go into anaphalaxic shock, which could cause your throat to swell closed and interfere with your breathing!

A Better Wine Drinking Solution

After hundreds of years of the same old wine glass design, there finally has been a design breakthrough. Plastic wine glasses correct the biggest flaws with wine glass design so that your wine drinking experience can be safer, more enjoyable and greatly improved. The innovative plastic wine glasses are actually two glasses in one. The interior glass features the bowl and stem design of the traditional wine glass. The globular bowl enhances the natural flavors and aromas of wine, still allowing you to swirl the liquid in your glass in order to create the optimum wine drinking experience. The stem creates a distance between your wine and the surface, which assists in sustaining a constant temperature.

But the exterior glass shares the design of the well-known “sippy cup” that is traditionally used to prevent young children from spilling their drinks – except this one is exclusively for grown-ups who love wine.
The exterior acrylic protective cylinder serves a dual purpose: It protects the contents of your wine glass from being tipped, chipped or broken. And thanks to its removable plastic lid, it creates a barrier between your favorite wine and anything that can interfere with your wine drinking experience.

Where Design Meets Function

Sleek and stylish, the most functional stemless wine glasses include lids that come in two appealing colors – red and green – so that you can match these innovative new wine glasses with practically any décor. These plastic wine glasses are also ergonomically functional, so they are easy to grasp and won’t easily slip out of your hands. Plus, thanks to the double-walled insulation, they prevent your wine from absorbing the heat from your body, ensuring a constant temperature of the liquid within the glass.

If you’re concerned about the potentially dangerous BPAs found in many plastics, you don’t need to be with these stemless wine glasses. That’s because they are completely BPA free, so you are protected against the ill effects of these common chemical agents commonly found in other plastic products.

Our plastic wine glasses with lids are durable enough to be taken anywhere and functional enough to enhance any type of wine drinking experience. Plus, they feature a fabulous design that is guaranteed to attract the attention and admiration of your guests. Thanks to Wineova stemless wine glasses, the tyranny of the traditional glass wine vessel has finally been overcome, so you can enjoy your favorite wines safely, enjoyably and in style!