The Benefits of Stemless Wine Glasses

stemless-wine-glassesEver since people stopped drinking out of stone or metal goblets and switched to glass for their wine, they’ve been able to enjoy their favorite red wine or white wine in a vessel that allowed them to see what they were drinking and enjoy the delightful flavor at the same time.

But the traditional wine glass also has its drawbacks. For one thing, because it is made from delicate glass, it is fragile. Depending on the thickness, even the slightest ding or nick can cause it to shatter, sending its contents onto your clothes, rug or furniture. And because red wine stains don’t easily come out, this can be disastrous.

Another downside of the traditional wine glass is that the long thin stem that is supposed to keep your wine from making contact with the surface it is resting on – and keep it at a constant temperature – is top heavy. That means that wine glasses can topple over and become imbalanced easily.

One solution is the stemless wine glass. You may have seen these in specialty stores or in catalogues. These are globular wine glasses with a flattened bottom that sit directly on the table or bar. Besides the fact that they look strange, while they solve the balance problem, they are still easily broken or damaged with the slightest collision.

Our new stemless wine glasses provide a better solution. They maintain the shape and functionality of the traditional wine glass, but they surround it with the cylindrical safety of the kind of “sippy cup” you might give to a clumsy toddler.

The benefit is that you still get the full flavor and constant temperature of the wine in your glass, but you dramatically increase the stability of the vessel. Plus, because our stemless wine glasses are made of high impact acrylic, rather than fragile glass, they are essentially indestructible. You can tip it, drop it or even throw it and the wine glasses won’t break (of course, a rock thrown on it will break it).

That makes them the perfect option for anywhere you would like to enjoy wine, from a formal dinner party to an outdoor picnic to a rugged hike along a rocky trail. With our new stemless wine glasses you never have to worry about breaking or damaging your wine glass, so it will always be there when you want it. Another feature of our stemless wine glasses are the retractable lids, which create a barrier that protects your wine from outside contaminants such as dust, dirt or fruit flies and other insects.

Simply slide back the lid whenever you are ready to take a sip of your favorite red wine or white wine, then push it back into place with you are done. When you are ready for a refill, the lid of your wine glass can easily be removed and replaced. It’s really that simple!

The sleek design and functionality make our new stemless wine glasses the perfect choice for anybody who loves wine but doesn’t want to deal with all the structural flaws of the traditional wine glass. Our stemless wine glasses take wine glass technology into the 21st Century, providing the security and resilience you need to enhance your wine drinking experience.

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