Plastic Wine Glasses Let You Enjoy Wine On the Go

Plastic-Wine-Glasses with-WineIf you’re the type of person that enjoys a good glass of wine every now and then (or more frequently), then you’ve probably come up against a common problem that most wine drinkers have faced. Wine glasses are fragile and not all that portable. They don’t do well on the go and they certainly pose a danger when transporting them if they break. Add to this the fact that they tip over and spill, get knocked down or even let bugs fly in at outdoor events and it’s easy to see why so many people are confined to the restaurant or home when they want to enjoy a nice glass of vino.

For some, an alternative has been plastic wine glasses, but even these can be a bit tacky and still tip over due to their flimsy nature. So, what’s a wine enthusiast to do?

Plastic Wine Glasses for White and Red Wine

Now, there is a new option for true wine lovers that want to enjoy the brilliant taste of a Chardonnay or Merlot wherever they go. New style plastic wine glasses for red wine or for white wine provide you with a spill-proof, bug-proof way to safely drink your wine on the go without looking tacky.

These new plastic wine glasses are a fairly simple concept. We’ve all seen the sippy cups that children use so they don’t spill their drinks or hurt themselves with glass. The new glass simply takes the sippy cup concept and turns it into an elegant looking adult beverage cup with all the classic components of a wine glass, only mixed together with a sippy cup.

How Do Plastic Wine Glasses Work

These wine glasses have a screw on top that creates a seal when pressed down. You simply pour your favorite wine into the plastic cup, screw the sip-through top onto the cup and you’re all set to go!  The design of the plastic cup has a classic wine glass flute inside of the regular cup shape, meaning that you still have the classic wine glass shape filled with wine.

The only difference is that the plastic around the wine flute is the actual plastic of the cup, creating a more ergonomically friendly way to hold your glass on the go without spilling it. Plus, since you hand’s heat isn’t directly on the part of the cup housing the wine (which is the inner flute), your wine stays nice and chilled, just like with a real wine glass.

The sealed off portion of the wine glass doesn’t let any wine leak inside, so you always have a clean, neat wine tumbler to drink from. Plus, the plastic used to make the plastic wine glass with sip-through top is BPA free, meaning it’s environmentally friendly and non-toxic. These new plastic glasses are made with SAN plastic, a clear plastic copolymer which is perfect for kitchenware and eating utensils. Enjoy your wine anywhere that you want and get all of the health benefits of the drink without contaminating it as you might with cheap plastic containers and water bottles.

Where Do People Take their Plastic Wine Glasses?

The best thing about these plastic wine glasses is that you can literally take your new glass anywhere you travel. These new glasses are great in the park while relaxing to a book, at concerts, on the beach, on boats, in the backyard, while working in the garden, on camping trips, at games, taking an after dinner stroll—wherever you’ve always wanted to kick back and relax with your favorite wine, this new glass type makes it possible!

These plastic wine glasses are “break resistant” meaning that they can take a pounding and still give you the best way to get your wine fix in wherever you desire. Have a glass or three wherever you want without worrying about it getting knocked over, spilling or having a bug fly into it. In fact, the only thing that you do have to worry about is running out of wine!

So if you’re looking for an “action” wine glass that you can take with you during your vacations and downtime, don’t buy cheap imitations. Be sure to look for the Red or Green sip-through drinking lids that let you know you have the real deal. To find out where you can get a special deal on our new plastic wine glasses, click here right now.

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