How to Select Wine Glasses for Outdoor Enjoyment

Beach-Tumbler-CupsThere is nothing as good as relaxing in the garden, patio or backyard sipping a glass of your favorite wine. Apart from the home settings, you might also have the need to enjoy your wine while you read a book at the park watching over your playing kids or at a concert or even on a beach relaxing. All these are enjoyable outdoors and they should not limit your wine enjoyment. But to get to enjoy your wine as you wish to, you will have to make sure that you have the right glasses.

The glasses are important to consider because the outdoors have more harmful elements compared to the indoors. For instance, you will be dealing with all kinds of dirt, dust, water and even bugs all of which can render your wine inconsumable. They are some of the outdoor elements that need to be thought about before purchasing outdoor wine glasses.

Choose the Right Design

The outdoor wine glasses that you settle for should have a design or craftsmanship that makes it suitable for the setting. For instance, consider the stability of the glass where it can be windy. Stem glasses are stylish but they can sometimes be unstable, especially on picnic tables with uneven surfaces or in windy outdoor settings where the blowing table linen can tip the glasses over spilling the wine. In this case, you might be better off settling for stemless wine glasses to suit the outdoor setting elements.

Choose the Right Material

Anything can happen outdoors from kids bumping on the table, people rushing past you or even your pet jumping onto the table tipping the wine glasses off. They are situations that can lead to breakages as the glasses drop to the floor or on other harder items on the table. It makes it important to choose a good material and in this case plastic outdoor wine glasses could be the best for your needs. The plastic glasses won’t break even when they fall off the table. You will only need to clean them and refill your wine to enjoy some more.

Choose Hygienic Glasses

Hygiene does not only revolve around how easy it is to wash your glasses, but also how clean they can keep your wine as you sip it. Considering that the outdoors can be very dusty, this is an important. Bugs and insects also love sticky sweet things and your wine glass could be an attraction for them. It can be impossible to continue enjoying your wine when the pool or sea water splashes on it or when beach sand sweeps in.

You will also not continue enjoying the same wine when an insect accidentally falls in it. With the right outdoor wine glasses, however, you can eliminate the issues. You can choose plastic wine glasses that come enclosed in a sippy cup design containing a lid to keep your wine free from all sorts of outdoor contaminants. With the slider on, you will open, sip and close it to keep it hygienic enough.

The right outdoor wine glasses can make your outdoor enjoyment even more fun especially when you do not have to worry about the common outdoor elements that can ruin your party.

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